Collaborative Solutions

We tailor our construction styles to adapt seamlessly to diverse environments and employ cutting-edge building technologies that align with our commitment to energy efficiency.

In collaboration with First Nations communities, we possess a deep understanding of the distinctive cultural and governance dynamics. We collaborate closely with communities to understand their processes and timelines. And fostering community engagement in the design and execution of our projects.


We take time to understand your goals and challenges, to ensure our development plan meets the unique needs of your community or project.


Observing the 2030 Canadian building code standard, we use state-of-the-art energy, water, and heating systems to produce a net-zero energy outcome. If our homes don’t meet your needs, our team will work with you to design a custom layout.


We’ll travel to your community or project site to manage the build from start to finish.

Wildland’s talented crew is experienced in multiple trades to provide you with the expertise your project needs.

Our Building Models

Urban Building Program

Wildland is committed to working with contractors, homeowners, and developers across B.C. and Canada to provide sustainable and economical building solutions for residential and commercial projects.

From consultation, to design, to building construction, our team will manage your project from start to finish.

Indigenous Building Program

Some Indigenous Nations have limited access to efficient resources to heat and power their homes. When housing structures are inadequately insulated or maintained, energy escapes and more power is needed to sustain basic necessities. For some communities, especially in remote or rural locations, this means the cost of heating and powering homes is equal to a monthly mortgage payment.

As part of our Indigenous Building Program, Wildland uses energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to address lack of housing in communities.

To promote sustainability and economic growth in Indigenous communities, we also hire community members to join our construction team. Throughout the building process, we provide education and training to develop knowledge for ongoing building maintenance and future project support.

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