Smokehouse Kitchen


Smokehouse Kitchen

Food and medicine have always been essential to Takla’s knowledge, culture, and relationships, so we are thrilled that Takla Nation secured funding to build a community-accessible food preparation site. Wildland Development managed the construction of a cabin with a kitchen, two smokehouses, a moose-hide tanning area, and a community garden. 

The construction of smokehouses has been part of Takla culture for generations. Families built food preparation sites on their own ‘keyoh.’ These practices persisted until the advent of colonialism forcibly changed Indigenous land-use patterns and created settled communities. 

Takla Nation will utilize this community site to reconnect to these practices. We now have better and safer access to food gathering areas and trails, with a designated place to harvest, preserve, smoke, and prepare our traditional foods and medicinal plants. This space will allow Takla members to recover this part of their culture and be involved at each step of the food provision process from forest to table.