Supporting First Nation Communities

Wildland Development is an Indigenous-owned, Indigenous-led construction company that incorporates a community's cultural needs into each project. We support sustainable businesses and communities across Canada.

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Located behind the Takla Trading Post, we managed the installation of the camp.

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23 homes in Takla Landing will be undergoing upgrades and renovations from spring 2023 to winter 2023.


We are preparing to begin restorations to the community school in fall 2023.


Wildland completed the expansion in 2023. This included a new chain link fencing on the back and sides with a new wrought-iron fencing and gate.


We refurbished the old existing log band office located in Takla Landing. This included refinishing the exterior logs to a new roof to brand new

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In partnership with Takla Nation, we are pursuing funding for construction to begin in 2024.


Wildland has installed a temporary office space located next to Takla’s Health Centre.   In partnership with Takla Nation, we are in the process of procuring


Working closely with Trappeur Homes and Blue Collar on the construction of Keyoh cabins. These cabins are a seven-generation cabin and the oldest cabin is


Food and medicine have always been essential to Takla’s knowledge, culture, and relationships, so we are thrilled that Takla Nation secured funding to build a

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The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) delivers the RHI under the National Housing Strategy (NHS). It is part of the Government of Canada’s multi-billion-dollar